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When you’re planning to have any type of construction or maintenance work done, it’s always wisest to choose the professionals. If we’re talking about roofing on the Gold Coast, then we are the people you should contact. We construct and repair roofs across the Gold Coast and Tweed and if you live in the area, you’ve probably seen our work without realizing it.

No matter whether you need a few repairs and a bit of roof maintenance or a complete re-roofing, we are the metal roof specialists in the Gold Coast area. Perhaps you have already chatted to one of our satisfied customers, in which case, you’ll know that we take all our work seriously and perform it with complete professionalism.


Our Roofing Services on the Gold Coast:

  • There’s nothing worse than a roof that leaks. We mend metal roofs so that they are once again completely weather-proof.
  • Replacing your old roof might sound like a huge task. For us it’s all in a day’s work.
  • If you have an Asbestos roof, you should be thinking of replacing it with a metal one, but first, someone has to get rid of the Asbestos safely. Call on us.
  • Say goodbye to leaking guttering. We’ll fix it or replace it in a jiffy.
  • Increase your living space and your property value with an elegant pergola or patio that’s installed to perfection.
  • Colorbond metal roofing is really versatile and stylish. Improve the look of your home and enjoy choosing between a range of tasteful colours.
  • Good ventilation is important, especially in work areas. Air conditioning is expensive and isn’t always practical. We’ll install a whirly-bird and solve your problem.

We’re here to give you the ultimate in quality and service. Our roofs are built to last – in fact, they may well outlast you! Ask anyone in the construction industry who the best roofing contractors on the Gold Coast are, and you’ll find us heading their list. We ensure that all our staff members are equipped with the skills they need to live up to our reputation.

Before and After Colorbond Roof Gold Coast


Why Should You Use Us?

  • We’re fully licensed. That means that you know it’s a safe bet and you won’t be taking risks.
  • Special qualifications and licenses are needed for the removal of old asbestos roofing. Not all roofers on the Gold Coast have these, but we do.
  • Getting great service matters. Our staff is geared for friendly and professional service.
  • We live up to our commitments, we’re punctual and the task will be finished on or before the agreed deadline.
  • ‘A task worth doing is worth doing well’: we’re sure you’ve heard the saying. We take it to the next level and we achieve the excellence we strive for.

You can see photos of a recent roof replacement job we did here.

You shouldn’t even have to think about the roof over your head, but a roof that’s in a poor condition is likely to give you a few headaches. Heat, cold, rain and snow shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you roof is in a bad way or poorly constructed, you’ll know all about it!

We believe that quality roofing that can last a lifetime (or more) is an essential ingredient for your comfort and you know that using qualified and experienced contractors will make your roofing project easy. What’s more, you’ll be spared the need for frequent repairs and maintenance provided that the job is done well the first time around.


We use only quality materials such as:


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