Metal Roofing

Residential & Commercial Metal Roofing on the Gold Coast

Choose the professionals of metal roofing on the Gold Coast and Tweed. Regardless of your metal roofing requirements, we’ve got the solutions.

Our Services:

  • Repair of metal roofs.
  • Complete re-roofing
  • Repair or replacement of gutters
  • Installation and roofing of pergolas and patios
  • Whirlybird installation for better ventilation

We specialise in a range of metal roofing and guttering options including:

  • Colorbond®
  • Colorbond® Ultra (for seaside properties)
  • Zincalume®
  • Stainless Steel

Gold Coast Metal Roofing Before and After

Why should you choose a metal roof?

Metal roofs are the best choice and a look at other roofing materials will soon show you why this is an inarguable fact:

Metal roofs are lightweight: Tiles have gone out of fashion for good reason. Tiled roofs are very heavy and you need to have a stronger roofing framework to support them. Of course, this also means more weight being exerted on the structure as a whole.

Metal roofs are safe: Did you know that criminals can simply remove some of the roof tiles if they want to gain access to your house? It won’t be nearly as easy to gain access via a metal roof.

Of course, asbestos roofs are also difficult to use an entry point into your home – but you will surely know about the health risks of asbestos! When that asbestos roof was new, it was probably safe enough, but now the asbestos has begun to age and the risk increases. If you’ve got an asbestos roof, this means you. There’s no such thing as a new asbestos roof because this dangerous building material has been off the market for quite some time.

By the way, never try to work on asbestos roof yourself and if you want it removed, make sure that the contractor you choose is licensed to work with it.

Metal doesn’t hold as much heat for as long: Tile roofs heat up to very high temperatures and they hang onto the heat for longer too. On the Gold Coast, it’s all about keeping cool, particularly in summer and that means going for metal rather than tiles. It will be much easier to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors.

Metal roofing is low maintenance: If you’ve ever had a tiled roof, you’ll know that you regularly need to replace roof tiles. A strong wind can lift them and they break really easily. Of course, that’s good news if you’re in the roof maintenance business because you’ll have a regular client, but for the homeowner, it’s a regular source of annoyance. A metal or colorbond roof, on the other hand, will rarely if ever need additional work done on it after it has been installed.

You can collect rain water: Collecting rain water can result in a substantial saving on your utility bill, but you need the right sort of roof to do it effectively. Let’s not even go into the potential hazards of collecting water off an asbestos roof, they should be pretty obvious. As for tile roofs, the tiles themselves absorb quite a lot of rain water. Apart from the fact that they can get mouldy in wet seasons, they also won’t give you as much water as a metal roof.

Metal roofs are cost-effective: Installing or re-doing a tile roof is a good way to spend a lot of money that could be better used elsewhere. You’ll definitely save a significant amount if you choose a metal roof.

Metal roofs are attractive: It’s amazing what can be done with metal roofing these days, from curved, Quonset style roofs to classic pitched roofs the look is clean, crisp and neat. If you want something a bit more creative, try colorbond and match the colour to the style of your house.